ERMAGERD!! Quantum Entanglement in Minecraft.. :3

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  1. So I was just thumbing through the Kotaku posts for the past few days and found a very interesting article about a mod for Minecraft. I just found out about it but it seems to be in Tekkit, Hexxit and FTB Unleashed. The mod is qCraft and can be installed standalone without the technic launcher. However, it you would want to try it out, I would suggest a secondary profile in your MC launcher as it adds new block/quantum physics into Minecraft and would not be approved for use in Empire.
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  2. Holy hell, this looks amazing!
  3. I found it too.Its a shame it makes my house pop in and out of existence though(My QUANTUM BLOCK house.).
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  4. "As an authorized quantum mechanic, I allowed myself to bend quantum mechanics, but I could not bring myself to mess with Special Relativity."
    Don't mess with special relativity, ever! :p
  5. Sorry,I've already found a way to mess with it.
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  6. this has been bothering me for a while but applied energistics also has that but differently but qcrafts is cooler and cheaper
  7. Do tell :p
  8. It's in minecraft only...