Erm, the website is derping..

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  1. I seem to have encountered a problem, for some reason, whenever I am on the forums, seemingly randomly; this happens: I get sent to this website:\.\g\.\doubleclick\.\net/pagead/ads?client=ca-pub-9196273905174409&format=468x60&output=html&h=60&slotname=9675386971&adk=1329444784&w=468&lmt=1420830012&flash=15\.\0\.\0&url=http://empireminecraft\.\com/forums/acceptable-emc-minecraft-mods\.\40/&dt=1420830054959&bpp=19&bdt=458&shv=r20150106&cbv=r20141212&saldr=aa&prev\_\fmts=728x90&correlator=4364179699840&frm=20&ga\_\vid=1876207729\.\1419952487&ga\_\sid=1420830055&ga\_\hid=65253929&ga\_\fc=0&u\_\tz=0&u\_\his=5&u\_\java=1&u\_\h=1080&u\_\w=1920&u\_\ah=1040&u\_\aw=1920&u\_\cd=24&u\_\nplug=8&u\_\nmime=102&dff=trebuchet ms&dfs=13&adx=954&ady=45&biw=1908&bih=979&eid=317150304&oid=3&ref=http://empireminecraft\.\com/forums/empire-help-support\.\11/&rx=0&eae=0&fc=8&brdim=,,-8,-8,1920,0,1936,1056,1920,979&vis=2&abl=CA&ppjl=f&fu=256&bc=1&ifi=2&xpc=HNArICtEHd&p=http://empireminecraft\.\com&dtd=177&account=adwynne&campaign=uk&adgroup=1&banner=320-50&it=1420830056017&refurl= ms&dfs=13&adx=954&ady=45&biw=1908&bih=979&eid=317150304&oid=3&ref=,,-8,-8,1920,0,1936,1056,1920,979&vis=2&abl=CA&ppjl=f&fu=256&bc=1&ifi=2&xpc=HNArICtEHd&p=

    I think this might be from one of the ads but its really confusing/irritating me :(
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  2. I have already private messaged Aikar on this. We are trying to block the adverts that are causing the lemode-gmz to load up. Some strange kind of redirect, but don't worry too much, I ran a search and the site was not considered malicious, harmful or whatnot by google, so it's just an irritating redirect. >_>
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  3. Looks like a fairly google-wide problem. I have heard other people having these strange redirections on other sites so it is probably something that google need to deal with themselves... Not 100% though, it is very strange!
  4. Thanks for the feedback ^.^ Good to know it isn't harmful :D
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  5. OMG thank you for posting this I'm meeting the same problem and I wondered if it's EMC website's thing or my Computer thing (like I downloaded something weird without knowing)
  6. Yeah I was wondering what this was too, glad I'm not the only one having it...
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  7. The only solution i know of is adblock.
  8. It's not just EMC, it is websites with adverts in general all over the internet.
    This is true for now, but I am sure google will be working on fixes for this problem anyway.
  9. If it happens randomly when you click, you have click tracking adware on your computer (Forgot what it was called). I've had it before, and if you're on a PC, just open the uninstall feature and uninstall the adware (Or, the Chrome extension, if you use Chrome).
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  10. Seems to have stopped for me :D I was doing some research and I found out that it was a google ad, but google have worked it out now. It was pretty much web-wide apparently.