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You have read these

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  1. Have any of you read those books. Im on page 130 on Brisingr at the moment. Its pretty epic. Have any of you guys ready these books, If so say what page your on on what book or you read it all. Please NO Spoilers. Thanks :)
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  2. I've read them all O_O
  3. Read them, currently re-reading. I like em

    *insert spoiler here :p*
  4. try ender game... and the rest of the series (contains adult language and the movie is coming out ^-^)
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  5. I was an okay series, definitely a bit confusing, but I liked it :)
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  6. Well its got 65 + People and Creature xD
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  7. I have read eragon but that the only thing I have read of what you listed.
  8. I didn't like inheritance- I won't spoil anything but I feel like Paolini ran out of ideas.

    I did like the rest of the series/cycle though.
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  9. I heard about it from a friend a couple years back, but I'm one of those people who is easily bored by a book and can't really sit there for too long doing it.

    So I went to the school library to check it out, I ended up walking out with nothing because the 2 inches thickness highly scared me and I literally can't sit down for a centimeter lol. So I would have, but I have this thing, I called it anti-book-eyedous.
  10. [quote="PRO_G4NGST4, post: 581470"]I didn't like inheritance- I won't spoil anything but I feel like Paolini ran out of ideas.

    I did like the rest of the series/cycle though.[/quote]

    I liked the Batlle of the Burning plains thing a ton. And the trial of knives!
  11. ADD.....
  12. Ender Games is about?
  13. great series
  14. Theres more to the ender game series?
  15. THE STIG!!!!
  16. Top Gear!! That is the funniest show ever.

    I loved the series. I personally thought Inheritance was one of the best. It is very twist driven and is hard to talk about without giving away spoilers. My favorite part in the book was
    The part with Eragon's brother helping the queen lady in the cell. When both Eragon and the queen lady see the weird digging worms also was pretty cool.
  17. I love the Inheritance series!
    The books were fantastic, and rather well thought out, which was unexpected.
    The last couple chapter of Inheritance were kind of bad, it felt like Paolini was floundering for words, but other than that, it was fantastic. :)
  18. Or of corse, I think, not giving a lot of details to hint at a new series
  19. I really really loved these books. I read a ton, so it can take quite a bit to impress me, but these are in my top 3 fantasy series. However, I was extremely disappointed in the ending, to the point that it almost ruined the whole series for me :/
  20. I don't think there's going to be another series....