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  1. this, is epic. epic. epic. epic. epic!
    (inset smiley that is in love)
  2. Yes this is :D
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  3. Nice. I love Pokeom pixel art. I've mad e a sandshrew, charmander, and a ditto on creative. But this is epic dude!
  4. its epic but it is sad because it looks like it was on fire at one point.
  5. Who's ever this was I just had to picture it and post. :)
  6. Amazing
  7. Oh my gosh. This be cool.
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  8. yea
    check out this res smp5 10042, you are going to love the art there
  9. Gotta love the genius creations you come across every day. :)
  10. who can do this without fly omg :D by the way whats ur texture pack ? :)
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  11. I love pixel art no matter wat it is
  12. my texture pack is the BEST of the BEST!
  13. lol I gotta test it an then we'll see :)
  14. nooooooooooooooooooooo! i hate the default. its BEYOND ugly...
  15. :eek: how dear U!
  16. Hayleycolgan made a very pretty Pikachu piece at 4006 SMP2 :p

    Default + Vanilla = <3