Epic Storm at Wilderness

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Do you like bad weather?

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  1. A few days ago, I was at Wild with Alexhuac and it began to rain. Then, a HUGE amount of rays started falling like never before. Finally, we were damaged and decided to take refuge underground, but even at forty blocks deep or more, we still received damage.
    This was the most Epic storm I've ever seen in Minecraft, what do you think?
    P.S.: IF you have Screenshots of Minecraft storms, you can post them here! :)
    Also, don't translate the chat comments <.<
    2012-03-30_11.02.57.png 2012-03-30_11.03.12.png 2012-03-30_11.03.28.png 2012-03-30_11.03.30.png 2012-03-30_11.03.32.png 2012-03-30_11.09.19.png
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  2. I translated xDDDD
  3. I didnt have to translate them
    I speak spanish
  4. Cool.
  5. I was in a storm like that on smp9 wild, was struck by lightning XD

    mmm cake acheivement.png
  6. I'm seeing those kind of storms very often to, it kinda scares me because i got hit a few times already; Is it being made on purpose or just naturally?
  7. I remember that me and a few other people went on a adventure to find The End, and all of a sudden a thunderbolt came hitting one of my friends and died with enchanted diamond armour on XD
  8. Oh he must had a rage quit, i would have at least
  9. i translated. :confused: not what i expected xD
  10. Lol I knew some of it but had to translate some of the words. I snorted when I translated the last word. xD If google translate was right, might wanna censor it :rolleyes:

    I get stuck in these storms all the time. The first one I was fairly new, no armor, mining and when I peeked out of my one block sized hole I got struck and died.
  11. More storms = more charged creepers = more fun XD
  12. Yesterday, I was watching the ultimate showdown. Spider Jockey vs. Charged Creeper. Creeper killed the spide, but the skelly survived, but barely. Then I killed the skelly. XD