Epic Music Thread

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  1. Found Epic Music on YouTube?
    Great! Post it hear and we shall decide how EPIC! it is!

  2. Omegah- Derp Mode Activated
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  3. Derp mode indeed, as it does not display!
  4. Fixed it ;)
  5. At last, a reason to post this;
  6. Not so much epic as cool and hilarious!! :p :p :p
  7. Add this guy to your subscriptions. He does not get NEARLY enough views for his amazing talent.

    Also, I submit for your consideration:

    That belongs in the "mind = blown" thread. Seriously. I wouldn't call it 'epic' but damn if it isn't mind-blowingly awesome anyway.

  8. Just was released. Better than Shrillex!

  9. Found another great song!
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