epic mob arena time!

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  1. I'm putting a video on here but the video isn't that great because i was having a little trouble with lag (even though my computer is fast) so heres the video i hope you see yourself in it if you were there :)

    ok the first one is peoples faces and the second one is the arena fighting

    PS: pm me if you have any good free pc screen recorders that would work with linux

    ok appologies about this post i can't seem to be able to post videos mod please delete this or give me a suggestion
  2. After uploading to youtube, use the share link and click the film strip next to the picture of the tree. Paste the share link and there you go.
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  3. ok thank you but i don't think i'm gonna upload it cause it looks really bad it's all glitchy because aikar spawned in alot of dogs
  4. Ive got a Mob Arena of my own on my server (Pm me for the IP If silver is logged on) and I have the plugin updated. (Unstable) You can choose what armor class just by clicking a sign, unlike EMCs Mob Arena plugin, and I can choose between pvp and mvp battles.
  5. Well on mac I use screenium...
    I'm not sure what works for lunix...
    What lunix are you using?
  6. i'm using gnome if that helps or 12.4 i think