Epic Intro of...... Cake!

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  1. My name is Robert, but you make feel free to call me CakeBoss ;)

    I have an addiction. Not only to cake, but to Minecraft as well.

    I like to build, but I hate non-symmetrical builds, so I get angered and tear down my builds to rebuild them frequently.

    When it comes to Statue Building, ask me. Its one of my major specialties.

    When it comes to a fair marketplace, I'm the go-to guy. Hopefully I can bring my ideas to this server.

    Wanna know something about me? Just ask =)

    Actions speak louder than words, therefore I shall overcome the Economy.

    Refer to my signature for any concerns <3
  2. Is the cake a lie?
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  3. The cake is not a lie :3
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  4. Cool!
    Hi CakeBoss,
    I can't wait to see you on the server!:D
    What is your res number?
  5. I reside on SMP1 for the time being.

    My res number, I believe you are referring to my Resident Address?

    My address is 1056 :)
  6. Welcome to EMC!
  7. Thank you sir :3
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  8. Cake is delicious, and welcome! Your signature makes me wonder though... "Clam down"?
  9. Character Background Time!

    Long ago when I was staff on another server(in which is horrible compared to EMC), I was sort of a hero, per say.

    Anytime not many staff were on, or they were having troubles getting users to use the right chat channels, I came to the rescue! My signature, is my catchphrase. Clam down is just a funny way of saying calm down. Whenever I say my catchphrase, I see lots of smiley faces and hearts. Its stuck with me ever since :)
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  10. Enlightened am I. Thanks for the explanation. :cool:
  11. They say good things come with patience. I don't qualify as being patient but damnit I will bring good to this server! :p
  12. Welcome to EMC!
  13. Oh, umm...welcome!
  14. :eek:You copy pasted my post!:eek:
  15. You sound like a pretty cool guy, I share the problem with un-symetrical buildings bothering me so much! Welcome what server do you play on?
  16. Terr, like all good people, I play on EMC ;)

    THANK YOU everyone.

    I feel so, welcomed.
  17. I just love the fact that the SECOND the word cake is uttered on the Empire, before anything else can be said, "THE CAKE IS A LIE" makes some kind of appearance. For the record Cakeboss, be ready to get that on basically every thread you open until the day you die XD

    Anyway, welcome!
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  18. No worries, I'm use to it by now and I actually enjoy it now :3
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  19. same here i was a admin of nonewbs.com(not promoting)