Epic Inc's Horse breeding Service!

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  1. Now with the new update, I know how to breed EVERY VARIETY of horse. Mwahahahaha
    Anyways, lezz get to deh point. I will be charging 3k for every type of horse that you order.

    -light brown
    -dark brown
    -REALLY dark brown
    -Light brown with white spots
    -Gray with white spots
    -Gray with lots of white spots
    -white and brown
    -White and light brown
    -White and little light brown
    -white with black spots
    -White and black

    Type(listed above):

    Thank you for your time!

    Happy Riding!!!
  2. Disclaimer: Bred Horses will have stats almost guaranteed, lower than its parents. This service should be used solely to complete you breed collection in my opinion. Also boozle, all this info is documented here so you should next time explain the possibilities better.
  3. Not true my friend. According to the block exploration video. Horses will have almost guaranteed better stats than their parents. Minecraft wiki IS A WIKI. ANYONE CAN PUT RANDOM OR MADE UP INFO ON A WIKI.
  4. High skill + high skill = Offspring will have exceptional skill for that offspring, offspring's offspring has exceptional skill.
    High skill + very good skill = Offspring will have exceptional / very good / medium skill. Random.
    High skill + medium skill = Offspring will have very good skill for offspring.
    High skill + bad skill = Offspring will have medium / bad / terrible skill. Random.
    High skill + terrible skill = Offspring will have medium skill.
    According to minecraft forums.
  5. promo speed house+promo jump horse=Superman horse
  6. There's also a white horse with white spots! Lol
  7. Well all I know is I have a horse with colour described as white with white spots in its info box
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  8. Hhhmmmmm. Maybe that is a white horse. Or a bug.
  9. It's not a white horse cos I've got those too. Quite possibly a bug tho :). Cos when I saw it initially I was like 'what is the point of that?'
  10. It's also from experience. Please don't taint your advertising info to boost sales. ALSO wiki's of the BEST SELLING Indie games are monitored by no lifes who know the information by anylizing the coding of the game, so it may be tainted, but it isn't.

    ALSO, your "reliable" source which isn't listed can be from someone who has no clue about horse breeding and oh yeah he can lie and nobody can edit his lie.
  11. So you say that the people who make the block exploration vids lie?

    Edit: 999tg post. :D
  12. Well as soon as you two come to a conclusion I'll order a horse lol, it's just that I'm really confused...
  13. If you are talking about these videos, you should probably read the description about it. Also, you should provide a link to the video that you seem to worship lol.
  14. I advise anyone here to not order till tomorrow morning(CT) when I put up a new spoiler regarding stats.