Epic Inc. Supply Service

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  1. Epic Inc. Now can supply people with materials and such
    To order just post this form:
    Delivery Address:

    Stone/Stonebrick: 40r-stack 1080r-SC 2160r-DC
    CobbleStone: 25r-stack 690r-SC 1300-DC
    Wool(any Color): 55r-stack
    SugarCane/Paper: 15r-stack
    Wheat: 15r-stack
    Cacti: 25r-stack
    Iron: 192r-Stack 5184r-SC 10,500-DC
    Iron Blocks: 1728r-Stack 46,656-SC 93,312-DC
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  3. I have to say - You should lower your prices by maybe half. They are quite expensive
  4. 15r per quartz block! that's cheap
  5. Edit your post a bit, my eyes hurts.
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  6. Agreed...

    Also Agreed....
  7. k, ya I agree to, it is a little expensive, ill edit it so everything is Half of the price of the empire shop
  8. Prices should never be based on the Empire Shop. They are meant as a price cap and a last resort. Most of the time, the shop's prices are 10-20 times more than usual.
  9. ya I realized that when I went there, I just took 20% off or half off of the items
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  10. Item: Quartz Blocks
    Quanity: Double Chest
    Delivery Address: I'll pick up
    Deadline: 48 hours
    Price: 39,960r
  11. I edited the OP because I can't get the Items very fast, so it might take a little past your deadline if you ordered before i edited it.
  12. Yeah that is cheap compared to the 32r at popular malls on smp1.
  13. gald i don't shop there then, it cos it biggest server.
  14. But I only ordered because you said it will take 48 hours. I need them quick :(
  15. So many of people make these new company's on Emc, and it is very smart
  16. sorry, we r trying to get them ASAP, I'm very sorry we had to extend the time but we couldn't get them fast enough
  17. Item: quartz flakes
    Quanity: 5 stacks
    Delivery Address: smp4 9314
    Deadline: 24 hours
  18. I have set up an access sign on a chest at 9314 please tell me when I have to pay
  19. weird, your order was late and we barely have any quartz, so i voided your order and paid you 2k
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