EPIC huge glowstone ore !!!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Arcaniax, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. just take a look ps: its on smp6 :D

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  2. haxxxxx
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  3. How haxxxxxxx?
  4. i mined it :)
    93 glowstone
  5. it was on smp6!
  6. Now I must go watch Gmod Idiot Box...
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  7. sorry cant take pictures anymore its gone....
  8. Haxxxxxx is just an inside joke of ours from before EMC. :)
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  9. And its not just yours, everyone is saying it here in my city since before I even joined EMC :D
  10. First instance I was involved with.

    Oh, and about the glowstone:
    ...93 really isn't enough from that, I don't think.
  11. Well it's a popular internet meme, but we clung on to it hardcore, lol.
  12. haha, who knows, maybe it all epicentred from you guys :p
  13. Looks like money to me! :) Nice find B!
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  14. Alot fell in lava ;(
  15. :( lava
    :D glowstone
  16. that's true :p
    and a anoing ghast was fireing to :(
  17. I think the one i found last night was about same size (SMP2)

    Roughly 100 glowstone blocks IIRC, I came back to town with 3 stacks (after I mined more along the way)

    The drops on ground, this doesnt include the ones I gathered automatically as they fell!

    Had to doctor out the way point labels on first pic to remove sensitive data :p (UI Hide doesnt hide those :/)
    Forgot to hide UI on 2nd, so cropped off position.

    and obvious questions to come:
    Texture pack is "Coterie Craft" which is an awesome replacement to default, keeping same feel, but smoother appearance.
    Mod in top left is "Whats my Light Level"
    Mod in bottom right and way points is "Rei's Minimap"
    These are allowed mods =P