Epic Combination - Had to share it

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  1. I was listening to this

    And saw this image

    And thought it was the best combination between audio and image I've ever seen.
    I could certainly watch it for hours.
  2. wow that well... *mindblown*
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  3. It's the end of the Internet. I don't reccommend you go there, it's so weird your mind would explode.
  4. i am erroring right now 404
  5. Too bad it didn't win to be Estonia Eurovision 2013 entry.
    But at least it got third place.
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  6. Error 404 - Intelligence not Found
    Solution: Bump head into computer
  7. LOL
  8. Yay, Eurovison! Any bets on the UK coming last (or near the bottom). I do enjoy watching it though to listen to all the countries sing their (mainly) strange songs, but of course you probably find our songs weird as well. I find it very funny that instead of it being who is good at singing, most countries just vote for their neighbors or their 'friends' :p
  9. And if anyone is curious what song is our entry, here, have a English version one to understand the point of it:

    There are 3 more different languages translated on this song.
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  10. Stealing gif for my signature..
  11. I actually didn't steal it :p Just saw it and copypasted the URL.
  12. I didn't mean it like you stole it :p
    I meant it like Im going to steal it and use it >;D
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  13. Oh, Chasca speaks Spanish language.

    (I will never understand the point of translating songs into another language)
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