Epic cheap shop, smp4 8485

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  1. Seeing as though vaulting is now FREE i decided it would be a good time to tell people about my shop, well, people have said it is quite cheap. What do you think? you can vault between servers by typing "/vault" in chat
    i sell: -
    Melons 64 for 5r
    Wheat - 32 for 5r
    Seeds - 32 for 5r
    Netherwart - 1 for 10r
    EVERY colour wool- 5 for 3r
    Glowstone - 1 for 20r
    Cobble stone - 64 for 10r
    Stone brick 16 for 8r
    Books - 16 for 8r
    Obsidian - 1 for 6r
    Redstone - 32 for 18r
    Glass - 32 for 20r
    Pumpkin - 32 for 5r
    Cactus - 32 for 5r
    Diamonds 45r
    Iron 6r
    Gold 8r
    Wooden planks - 64 for 10r
    I also have an enchanting shop, diamond tools and bows
    That's about everything, i also buy most these thing in my buy shop, if you think i should change any prices just say in the comments. Remember 8485 smp4.
  2. Epic cheap shop lol, come on, diamonds 50r? I even sell them lower for 45r when i got some in stock, same is for Cobble, and some other stuff.
  3. NEW!!!!
    Super awesome enchanting shop :O
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