Epic Build, Setrin Tower

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  1. The past week has been hectic. I have finally completed the Setrin towers Exterior, and my god is it wonderful. The build is located on SMP4 at resedence 9414 or /v DeadlyAdmin to check it out yourself.

    If A senior staff member can come along and build over the road, im willing to pay the 10,000 for you to do so :)

    Heres some screenshots!

  2. Wow! I saw this a while ago and you have made a ton of progress! It looks great!
  3. That looks fantastic, I'll make sure to check it out next time I'm on EMC.

    Are you looking for donations?
  4. I was just derpin' around on these creation forums when I stumbled upon this. Oh... my... gawd. I could never build something this beautiful. xD I love the style, the symmetry, everything. Keep up the fantastic work! I'll be sure to pay this a visit at some point on EMC. :)
  5. Hello, DeadlyAdmin. :3

    I am Sweetcutey, and a representative of Carthaga. I was wondering if you would like supplies for your project? Carthaga collects items of all sorts, and donates them to a worthy cause for other people's projects. If you like, please post back to me, and we can get the ball rolling to get supplies started for you. :D
  6. In order to get a road edit, you will need to PM a senior staff member and ask them for their services. In addition, you will need approval from your neighbor to be able to edit their half of a double road or to edit the single road.
  7. Ahhh, yes. I have already gotten some supply's, I have gone abit inactive on EMC because of my computer playing up. All be good tomoz. A little bit of spruce and stone brick will be nice. Thanks

    Thanks :D
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  8. Spruce and stone bricks coming right up! :D We should have them soon! <3