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  1. Alot of players out there on EMC like being matchmakers and want to breed animals, well we cant breed to many unless we kill these poor precious animals. I was suggesting that the Entity Count be increased to 200 or more so us matchmakers can be happy. Thanks for reading guys.
  2. ... What? Matchmakers?
  3. yes, we must match two of the same animal to have babies, so we are matchmakers!
  4. The limit is 250 in the wild, but this cannot happen in town.
  5. Yes but doesnt that also include the hostile mobs?
  6. Yes, but in town, things like item frames and other entities count towards a total of 200 (i believe). In the wild, its just more flexible.
  7. No, that is not correct. In town you have a flat Limit of 100 animals. And that is that.
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  8. I meant that the total is 200, with other entities (non-animals) counting towards it (with the implied 100 animal max). *Checks server*... That was the old system -_-
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  9. Yes, but y can it not happen in town, back a while ago you could have hundreds of cows roaming your res, now you can only have up to 100, what changed?
  10. lag... lag changed it all... too many cows roaming your res...
  11. Quite simply, the few ruined it for the many. There were residences with MASSIVE amounts of mobs. Just ridiculous amounts.
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  12. perhaps you don't remember it. But I remember getting Extreme lag in some residences due to EXCESSIVE animals. Many things suffered as a result of this lag- all piling up into a big Mess.
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  13. I say (this is probably an awful idea), wool supporter. Pay, I don't know $5, and have that ability to have up to 500 animals on your res.
  14. $5 gets you iron already.
  15. Oh...
  16. Buy moyaboya has a point, i would definitely pay to have more mobs on my res. $5 would be a good price for say an extra 200 mobs.
  17. Well for $10 or $20 per months you get double the mobs on your Utopia res. And because of that Aikar has stated that he will not add a more mob supporter perk.
  18. Oh, looks as if i will have to use one of my res' as a utopia res, when i get diamond supporter this week :)