Entity auto-kill exceptions

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  1. So I know the entity auto kill is in place to reduce lag, but maybe some exceptions that wouldnt affect performance could be added. such as renamed mobs (name tags, anvil) not despawning, and entities attached to leads are also immune to auto-kill, and if the leash breaks the auto-kill timer can begin... something like that. I've always wanted to walk my dogs around town, or pigs for that matter. I just lost a Piggeh to this and think it would be great to have something like this in place :)
  2. Was waiting for proper API from bukkit to determine leashed animals.

    It should not be lost, it should be back on its residence somewhere.
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  3. Ok, thanks Aikar! i'll keep an eye out for him while im on my res :)
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  4. Ok, but leashes fall off when your log on and off sometimes.
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