Entities Causing Static Sound

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  1. This is a weird issue. Whenever there are too many entities around me (on my gold farm for example) and there is something playing sound on my laptop I get weird static noises. It doesn't matter if I have headphones plugged in or not, if Minecraft sound is on or off, or if the other source of sound is a youtube video, an mp3 music file or anything else. Also, the amount of static seems to be proportional to the amount of entities around me.

    I was going to post this on the "general minecraft discussion" forum as I thought it was a problem with my laptop alone, but I ran some tests on a SP world (with 500 entities, twice the EMC mob cap) and nothing happened, so I figured it must be something related to the server or the internet connection.

    That's extremely annoying, as it makes it hard for me to afk at my gold farm while doing something else. Anyone experienced something simmilar or has any clues to what might be causing this?
  2. I do not know anything about this, but I will try to help.

    You said you were on a laptop, so the static might be due to the computer trying to render all of the entities.
  3. amigash it's slenderman :eek:
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  4. Yeah, but then why the same thing didn't happen on my SP world (which had more mobs to load and a higher rendering distance)?
    Can't be that either. Slenderman only appears when you're alone, and my brother was with me last time this happened.
  5. I get this issue all the time at my blaze farm when there are a ton of blaze waiting for my blade. Prob just something as simple as too many sounds to keep up.
  6. So it's not just me. But isn't it weird that it doesn't happen on SP? Maybe there's a difference between how SP and MP handle sounds?