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  1. I have been asked to publicly release this in-development video from an anonymous player.
    I can not make any further comments.
  2. Why do I feel like I am the only one posting?
    Have the spiders already eaten everyone?
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  3. OH NO.

    I can deal with enraged skeletons, but enraged SPIDERS?!?!

    *Goes to make a super anti-spider fortress.
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  4. Enraged jockies are now possible!
  5. *stays in town forever* *uses command /homesweethome*
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  6. i love the wild and the enraged, this of all the things scares me lol
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  7. Oh please no, not this D:
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  8. Venom Eyes? But this sounds cool I would like more of a challege!
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  9. Oh don't worry, the real enraged spiders will be much worse.... MUCH worse...

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  10. great another trophy i will have to get
  11. How did you even get this video...
    They sound the same as normal spiders :confused:
  12. Bane becomes useful...
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  13. Me gusta. That looks just plain awesome. I can't imagine them getting much worse.
  14. wait... so they trap u in webs?! their boss is gonna be so hard
  15. Does this mean I will might see an enraged spider with a marlix riding it as a jockey!!??

    Run for the hills guys when you hear the chime of my bell meet behind town spawn and we shall run off into the night and hide!
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  16. Hmm... With the skin of the player shown in the inventory screen, I could only wonder who this
    really is... Great job, team! :D
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