Enraged Zombie Population Thread:

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  1. I'm making this thread to help the public know how many enraged zombies are out there. So show this to all your friends who you know who has them. I got 1. So maybe people just add yours to mine and post a total? Like if you have 2, and I have my one, post something like, there's 3 known total now. Or something like that. It'd be fun for the community to know how many are out there.
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  2. I own two. That makes it three in total so far.
  3. I suppose to keep this accurate, please post if you caught one. people could buy and sell these and we'd have numerous double counts
  4. Found mine tonight!

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  5. I forgot about that lol
  6. 4 known so far to be caught
  7. I think georgeashington helped describe what a real one looks like in egg form. Don't be fooled folks! Check with others to make sure it's real before you deal.
  8. I have one which makes 5 total so far
  9. Make that 6 folks :)
  10. *sips tea as the price drops*
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  11. this is an image of a real one, notice the red text which is unobtainable by anvil. If it's not red, run! it's fake!
  12. I currently have one.
  13. I'm gonna need more tea.
  14. Another way to check for authenticity is to trade with the villager. Enraged Zombie appears in the trade window. An image is below of an authentic trade window with an enraged zombie. MAKE SURE THE COLOR IS RED! If it's not red its a renamed villager and fake. Run!
  15. ww2fan168, did you catch yours in the wild?
  16. To avoid double counting, we just need caught ones in this thread.
  17. 7 known so far.
  18. Forgot to add I found another one a couple days ago. Sooo 8.
  19. I have 1 and I know of 2 others (friends) so 11 total.