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  1. So, on Smp7, I've been in the Wilderness Frontier for around 15 minecraft days/nights and I've only seen ONE enraged mob, a skeleton, and it was flat land, that I helped repair. I've seen tons of armored skeletons and zombies, and I've gotten Power bows from the skeletons with enchanted bows. But no enraged mobs.

    Then I went to the Wastelands and stayed for about 2-3 days/nights and didn't see a single enraged mob, or a armored skeleton or zombie. But I did see a Spider Jockey.

    Am I just having bad luck? Or looking at the wrong place?

    I've heard people say that the enraged mobs spawn better in caves, then in moonlight, and I haven't tested that. Is it true?

    I've also heard someone mention the enraged mobs cavern, and I have absolutely no clue what that is.

    Can anyone help me out?
  2. Well I can't but just to comment on that, I don't run into them often either. Hardly see them.
  3. I see a lot. I definitely find a lot more spelunking than hunting on the surface. If you go exploring dark caves, you should run into one every few minutes. Also, check the coastline when the sun comes up, as they often get stuck in the water. Or fight Marlix/Momentus, they spawn in tons of enraged ^.^
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  4. I've never seen a marlix or momentus spawn in the wild.
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  5. it really depends on how many players are in the same world. as you all share the spawns. If your not moving and theres 10 other people who are, they have much higher chances to get the spawn.

    I am considerring to change it to be per player timers but thatll be a later thing.
  6. Tip: Check out the caves closest to the Wastelands spawns. The code has changed since I last went, but enraged mobs used to build up like crazy there, especially near lava and water. Also, be very very very careful. Bring ender pearls, fire resist potions, and healing (probably splash) potions.
  7. I've been wondering around on Utopia lately and it has been one enraged mob after another! I would say that they're not a rare spawn by any means, you just need to go into darker areas such as caves ;)
    I second that, always bring enderpearls!!!
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  8. Alright, thanks guys!
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  9. They were often at one point when they first came out, but now they're hard to find. So I just go in dark cave no-one has been in yet and their are a few. Most I do find are and lava and if I kill them they drop in it... so bring water with you.

    Also, I got your head from the mob arena a few days ago. :)
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  10. they will only spawn once PER WORLD every 1-3 minutes.

    If you have one spawn in a cave below you, the next 5 could spawn on other players in that world, so unless you went to that very specific location it spawned, it could be another 15min+ before another spawns near you.

    Again, it currently really depends on the # of people in the same world as you.

    If you want the best chances, play late night US or on the lower population servers when there is not many people on and you'll get all the spawns... :)
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  11. well im on smp6 right now and all of the last night i only found one enraged creeper, not that i want to be swarmed, but when im hunting them id liek to find more then one lol someone needs to make a boss corral so that people can farm the enraged they summon lol
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  12. Yes, I've only found three today, two creepers and a skeleteon.
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  13. Thanks for the info, but how often do things like a Marlix and other boss like that spawn rate. I really want to get one of the cool drops just for display
  14. They spawn usually every few hours per world. I killed both Marlix and Momentus and neither one dropped anything, so don't get your hopes up.
  15. Thank you ntm1999
  16. I've seen the Momentus three times at smp2 Mob Arena