Enraged Mobs

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  1. Hello and welcome to a post that's topic is within its title!
    In case you haven't heard or witnessed anything of them, there are currently 3 types of enraged mobs. They have a similar appearance, but are much better in combat, to their standard cousins.
    Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 11.25.33 AM.png
    The mob to the left is the "Enraged Zombie". They are immune to fire, but will set you alight the moment they hit you. They are a bit faster than your normal zombie. I believe, but I haven't taken the time to verify, that they have a higher chance of dropping Virus and other rare items. They can be spawned in by the "Momentus" boss.

    The one in the middle is the "Enraged Creeper". While they are usually on fire, and immune from the visible potion effects, the one in this picture just shows the traits of the rare "Charged Creeper". While having a speed boost, they do not explode like their standard cousins. Instead, they leave a ring of fire and continue the pursuit. Fun fact: The creeper was the first one I captured, having run at me into the pond you see, and was left mostly powerless; besides giving off slight damage. Their drops include diamonds, emeralds, TNT and standard golden apples. Although I have heard rumors that every now and then they drop god apples.

    Finally, the one to the right is the "Enraged Skeleton". While they are on fire, it does absolutely nothing, besides demonstrating that the "Flame I" and "Fire Aspect 1-2" mean nothing. They move fast, fire fast, and die slowly. They are annoying to fight from medium range, constantly hitting the player and pushing them back. But will find themselves at the mercy of your blade, up close, and being rained upon from ones bow from afar. Their drops include bows with "Unbreaking III" and "Power I-IV", shiny arrows and diamonds.

    They do not despawn when you logout, something I checked with the help of these guys.
  2. I have encountered all 3 of the newly spawned mobs from the depths of the nether and in my opinion the enraged zombie is the fastest of the 3 and if one doesn't have fire protection; it can be a tough battle and even more tough if there are multiple.
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