Enraged creeper and skellie!!

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  1. WARNING!!! This may sound fake, stupid, and kiddish, oh and also noobish, but whatever.

    So, I was going to look for clay with my friend Kanepower1234 but she was still getting ready. I went out, thinking i could dodge all the googlies (<-Googlies: Noun: Monsters) but i came face to face with an enraged creeper, all it was: hit, run, hit, run, ssss, hit, hit, run,sss...... but i did kill him.

    Once Kane got to the wilderness, i asked her where her base was. She said it was the one with the big sign saying "COBBLE" in cobblestone. We went over, and as we were about to leave the base to greet morning, there was an enraged skellie sitting there as if he was waiting. I had low health, no food, what was i going to do? Kane faught it, but i died. Kane was a good friend and picked up my stuff. I ran back to her base and gathered it. Once we exchanged items, we went back out. I saw ANOTHER enraged creeper near by, i killed him and i got 5 diamonds! From the other one i got a dragon stone fragment, i felt accomplished.

    THE END!
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  2. always good to hear a success story
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  3. I love hunting enraged mobs! I used to be afraid of the creepers and the zombies, but then I killed them with a stone sword and a bow in my voter's armor.
  4. Amazing story! Glad you managed to kill them!
    What difficulty are you playing at?
    Also, if you want you can sell your fragment at smp4, /v 9001 :)
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  5. I'm playing at 5 difficulty i believe. I dont know how hard it is, but it seems hard enough for me.
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  6. Well done! The first time I saw an enraged creeper, I had full health and full diamond armor, and it one-shotted me :p
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  7. well they used to be a little harder by default lol
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  8. I don't like how enraged now spawn much less frequently when they came out. I was rich with diamond then... but I am even more filthy rich now than then! I think 10% chance when a mob spawns, an enraged takes it's place. There used to be tons of enraged mobs in those times.