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  1. Okay lets all share some good music

    Lets all relax and start posting songs till you ears bleed out XD

    Post more than just 1 song even do it daily if you'd like :p

    No Rebecca black or any type of troll music (trolol, Rick rollz etc etc..)
    Dont troll on someone if you dont like what he/she posted <3
    Ill be posting songs daily so listen or die!
  2. Here is a nice one i like to start with :p
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  3. If someone genuinely likes Rebecca Black, doesn't rule 2 break rule 1? :p
  4. Dont judge me ! xD and get on skype for a second :3
  5. At work right now. No Skype. If you go to my Gamekrib page: http://www.GameKrib.com/Jeremy, you can chat with me via that chat app I have on it. Goes directly to me right now. :)
  6. As the old man here....

  7. enjoy the brutality! i mean fluffy bunnies and unicorns >.>
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  8. nothing old about that man! classic rock is still the best party music in my opinion unless you are raving.
  9. Watch the video for a good laugh :D
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  10. Obviously because the music makes me feel good :D and it is also good music!!
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  11. Not sure about posting videos but go to youtube and search for Tinie Tempah's Wonderman. (I apologize for any language in advance.)
  12. Just a few questions.

    1. What counts as troll music?

    Side note: Personal, I have a diverse interest in music with the exceptions Heavy metal and Punk rock.

    2. What is trolling at all?
  13. troll music is what ever a troll listens to....

    on topic:Here is another good one!a blast from the eletro past!
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  14. You know nothing of your good old techno
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  15. Okay, I love these threads.

    I'll link a few from a few genres:

    And nothing takes you back quite like this, well, at least in the UK.

  16. I'll let the music speak for itself.

  17. this a great song but a weird music video
  18. This isn't trolling. I genuinely freakin adore this song thanks to my little sister.

    Laugh at me for it and I'll cut your face off.
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  19. I did not know you had a sister...