enjin.com "You got scammed"

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by 1998golfer, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Anyone know what this is about?
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  2. Ummm. Not good.
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  3. I think that means you, my friend, have just got scammed.

    And by that I mean,most likely lost some money with your purchase
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  4. I am getting minecraft related emails from enjin for some reason. Could there have been a breach in security somewhere?
  5. I suggest removing credit card info from the website.
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  6. Never had any payment info on there, checked my bank account anyways and it's unaffected. I made an account for some Minecraft thing 3+ years ago and never logged in again
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  7. It could be a spoof'd email. If you inspect the details by using the drop down thing next to the email address, pretty sure you can only do this on the pc version of the site, but it will show the real email address.

    Spoofing, for anyone that doesn't know, is you send an email that appears as if it came from someone else. It's illegal, but it's commonly used for scamming or phishing personal details. Always check the real email before anything, to know if it's official or not.
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  8. It was sent via amazonses.com
  9. Then it's not real. Don't click any links or anything they may send to you. :)
  10. It's funny because there are no links, no attachments, no references to anything. "You got scammed" and that's it
  11. Could be trying to ruin the business's name. Either way be careful. ;)
  12. EMC doesn't save credit card info unless something changed recently, if that's what you were talking about. ;)

  13. So yes the email was legit, but it was a bug and for all of your guys/gals safety, no payment is stored on Enjin's systems.
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