Enhancing the new member workflow!

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  1. As discussed on another thread, I have now included sort of a Step by Step guide to the basics of the Empire if they are less than 5 days in to the Empire!

    Upon leaving tutorial, they are given a "NEXT STEP: /v open then /claim"
    Upon Claiming a residence, they are given a "NEXT STEP: Equip armor, go to /spawn and enter Wastelands"
    Upon Entering the Wastelands, they are given a "NEXT STEP: Use the live map to navigate and get back <link to that servers livemap>"
    Upon Going back to town, they are given a "NEXT STEP: Setup a shop" with link to instructions on setting up a shop (Wiki and a rough new /help shop)

    Upon Teleporting to a different residence in Town, They are given a tip to use /home to return


    Also, more signs were added to the tutorial spawn informing people need to know information such as NO PVP and PG 13 Chat.

    Hopefully this will improve things a bit more.
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  2. Thanks Aikar, might make it a bit easier for newbies.
  3. Thanks Aikar!
  4. Yeh - I was asked about 'how do I make money' more than 'how do I claim a residence' ...
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  5. Nice, now will there be a /promo so we can each get one tutorial book?
    Thank you.
  6. Wait... More signs in the tutorial? Don't we already have too many? :p
    Anyway, thanks for the update, it ought to take a bit of the burden off of us who try to keep the newbies.
  7. Pretty sure PG13 contains some pretty bad swear words... (Wolverine is PG13, or 14+)
  8. Hey now, if that is PG 13 chat I'm all for it.
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  9. they have limits on how many times its even allowed to be said, but general pg13 is the target, minus any allowance of F words.
  10. right :) thx
    (of course, in the youtube video I'm watching, just heard the f word xD)