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  1. What endings are you unhappy with? What endings are you happy with? Endings of different books, movies, TV shows, ect. I'd like to hear.

  2. I hate the ending of the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry
  3. Oh please explain the endings by the way, just state that there is a spoiler of [book/movie/TV show] before you start posting.
  4. The Giver's ending is fantastic, its just so inconclusive, that its terrible.
    Sounds like a contradiction, I know, but until you read the book, you just won't get it.
  5. *cough* the other two answer everything *cough*
    Honestly, basically everything I post here will be books so yeah :p
    Mark of Athena O_O

    They jump into the underworld. I mean, what the heck?!!?!?!?! One does not simply cliff hang like that.
  6. I love The Giver just not how it ends with a lot of questions and is unclear
  7. The ending of Gladius (otherwise known as "that game that only c1080 played") was positively terrible. It was based around the premise that there would be a sequel.

    There was no sequel.
    Actually, the entire plot of Gladius is garbage, because it comes out of nowhere in the third (of five) chapter.

    Still a good game.
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  8. Minecraft, once you kill the enderdragon, nothing happens...
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  9. That new movie "Now you see me". I wish it had more detail on the eye
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  10. how do you make a spoiler thing?
  11. I just spoiled your mind.


  12. Trigun Badlands Rumble

    Vash is alive! Oh he's having a duel with a disposable antagonist! Antagonist is injured but has final trick up sleeve! Female semi protagonist reveals that disposable antagonist is her father! Disposable villain #2 thought to be dead reappears injured with mega bomb. Semi-protagonist shoots mega weapon and it only blows up disposable antagonist #2 and somehow not anyone else

  13. Like creeper_freak said, I am also unhappy with the ending of Now You See Me. But the big plot twist was good.
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  14. Catching Fire (the book) was a bad ending because it ends with (don't read further if you don't want me to spoil the movie/book) "Katniss there is no district 12" which was a very big cliff hanger (even though the next book, Mockingjay, is already out). I also found the last two chapters confusing. (It could've been because I was reading too fast because I was excited...)
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  15. Yeah, him being "magic" was a well thought-out twist.
  16. i liked the ending to the dinosaurs
  17. No, I found it surprising how "he" turned out to be the guy who planned everything.
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  18. Yeah, how "he" predicted their every move
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  19. I didn't like the ending to Warbreaker. I really liked Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy, but the ending to Warbreaker was so damn inconclusive. Basically at the end an army is marching and it will cause a major war, so one guy is like, "I got an idea. We need to send this other army to stop them, but I am not sure if it will work." And then it just kinds of ends...

    Oh, and Crime and Punishment. Not sure why I didn't like the ending. I just didn't.