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  1. Hey, new to all this so not sure what to write but My bro ( BENDERMENZ) finally convinced me to give Minecraft a go and I am now officially hooked. It's now become my "me" time from being mum to my 2 kids. :D
    I am loving the Empire and hoping I can build something as awesome as everyone elses.
  2. Welcome to the empire, ENDERMUMZ! There are plenty of families on emc, its cool. :cool: Don't worry about the intro, there's some that are way worse. xD
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  3. Yay yet another mother-minecrafter! ^_^ Welcome! !!
    If you need help I'm almost always on smp1 in game, or you can shoot me a pm on the forums.

    There's quite a few mums on EMC. I'm tempted to start an introduction thread for us. :p
    If I remember to I'll edit this post with the link to the thread that was started showing just how many older adults player here too. ^_~ EMC is a very diverse server.
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  4. Nice! Welcome to EMC! If you need anything please ask! :)
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  5. Dont scare em away! :p

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  6. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules.
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  7. Welcome to the Empire ENDERMUMZ! We're sure you'll enjoy it here :) As Eviltoade said, if you need anything, we're always here to help!
  8. Welcome to EMC!!
  9. Welcome to EMC! I love when parents join Minecraft proving it's not just for kids. My mom thinks I'm crazy for being on this all the time, because I'm 20. She also refuses to try it.

    Anyway, welcome to the family! :)
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  10. Welcome to the Empire.
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  11. Welcome to EMC! If you need any help please ask, I will most likely be on smp7 or smp6! Come chat with me! :)
  12. Hi ENDERMUMZ. Welcome to the Empire. What smp did you end up on. I'm on smp3 and if you need help and see me on, let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  13. Welcome to EMC! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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  14. Welcome to DA EMPIRE, where the Alts rule and the mains hoard the goods..............P.S. Glad your bro talked you into joining, It's a fun place.
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  15. Welcome to EMC, ENDERMUMZ! If you need help, just ask me or other players! Everyone is nice! Hope you enjoy your stay! ;)
  16. I welcome thee to EMC may your time here be wonderful!
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  17. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  18. Welcome to EMC! :) You seem pretty great, so I look forward to seeing you around on the forums and ingame.
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  19. I'm on smp8.