Endermart Hotel!

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  1. ---Introduction---
    So as you've probably noticed in my sig I have a banner that reads 'Endermart'. This is just the in development shop, it currently has a grinder service and i've also decided to make a hotel service also. The last time I made a hotel was before I reset my res on the release of 1.2, and i've reset my res for 1.3 now, and I would like to make a hotel, so that people have an extra place to store items and reset their spawn.

    It is based in my res on smp3.

    Do you want to help support the development of the hotel? Then donate!

    Iron: 1-50 rupees
    Redstone: 50-150 rupees
    Lapis Lazuli:1,50-1000 rupees
    Diamond: 1000-or above rupees

    All the money will go to the development of the shop.
    You will also be featured on the wall of fame in the hotel and have a free, permanent room.
    Also, your name will be the colour (or color) of the type of donator you are.

    Pictures: (None yet, sorry :p)
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  2. change lapis with diamond and i might donate ;)
  3. Done.
  4. can i see any pic?
  5. I haven't started building it yet, I don't have enough rupees to buy all the sandstone, glass, wood and wool that I need.
  6. Oh sending over 1.5k :p
  7. BUT if this goes really bad then will i see my money back? and cant get onto EMC ATM soz
  8. Yes you will get your money back if it goes bad.
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  9. when i get on EMC then I will :p
  10. Been able to get on it yet? Lol.
  11. yeah but forgot XD