Enderman Farms in 1.8

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  1. Hi guys!

    When we updated to 1.8, my XPender dropped rates significantly. It takes me minutes just to get to level 30, that might not seem like a long time but before this farm got me from 0-30 in about 1.6 minutes.

    I want to build a new farm with endermite design but want to know if anyone is building one, or already built one and how it turned out.

    Two designs I am debating on:

    This design is my go-to one that I want to use, but EMC does things different and I want to know if anyone has made this yet and how it turned out?


    This design is more expensive but easy to make as well. If design one isnt good from people's feedback I will likely make this one.

    All comments appreciated.
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  2. Make one of these for Public Use Stew, I also noticed lower rates with the Endergrinder, and I needs mah XPs

    all in all, walrus-approves.jpg
  3. It's not the lower XP rates that are the problem. It's the requirement to get to level 30 itself.

    You're still getting the same amount of XP (5), it just takes longer to get from Point A to Point B now.

    For instance: in 1.7, killing the Ender Dragon would bring you from level 0 to level 71.
    Now, in 1.8, it brings you from level 0 to level 68.
    It still drops the same amount of XP (12,000), but the XP itself doesn't go as far as it used to.

    Then again, with the new mechanics, if you're just doing enchants at Level 30, you only need to reach Level 30 once, then get from Level 27 to 30 again (only needing 3 more levels) to enchant every item afterwards. So it's not all bad.

    If you're repairing though, that depends (of course) on how many times you repaired the item (unless Aikar decides to fix that).
  4. That must be one beast farm you got there..
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  5. That is NOT the reason I can assure you. My entity limiter goes up 2 edermen in a matter of 25 seconds I think. Its not supposed to be that way. I already know that it takes longer but it should not be this slow.
  6. This scares me... Makes me wonder how slow the one at Endertopia's become, if that's the case...

    (I haven't checked Endertopia yet. :eek:)
  7. It's.... slow.
  8. BUMP. All info is appreciated.
  9. I'm not exactly sure what has changed , but I think emc has tweaked the xp drops somehow. In vanilla 1.8, if you anger one pigman, any more that die within range of you that are angered are supposed to drop xp, even if you don't touch them. last Thursday, if I kept pigment angry at my gold farm, they would drop enormous amounts of xp. Saturday morning, the mechanics seem to have reverted back to 1.7. I know that this doesn't help you with your ender grinder, but it seems like it could have something to do with the xp drops from endermen as well. And not sure if you have a gold farm or not, but even now with 1.7 pigman behavior I am able to get 30 levels within 2 minutes at mine.
  10. i use the old pressure plate drop method on my farm and havent changed it at all. i havent noticed a difference in xp
  11. My farm to, used to get me 30 levels in roughly 10 minutes (Would watch a video, search the forums, etc.) Now, it takes 20-30 minutes.
  12. Glad it isnt only me having issues with xp farms.
  13. Well, the update also broke my Wither Farm, which was my 2nd source of xp, so yea not sure what to do at the moment...
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  14. Do NOT make it Public. Even if it is for the greater good, there are people who will completely DESTROY your stuff.
  15. Never said I would... :p
  16. By the way, if you really are going to make it, you can tell people you trust.
    Recently the_living_human got perm. banned from EMC, and he told me the way to his Enderfarm, and I forgot. :(

    Mind telling me yours? :p
  17. Not sharing the location with anyone, this thread is discussing the designs... There are plenty of public farms.
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