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  1. I've heard that Notch is going to add the "Enderdragon" in beta 1.9 though it was already out for testing in beta 1.9 Pre-Release 4. I've also heard that Enderdragons are only found in "The End" a place where there is endless obsidian towers and lots of Endermen in that middle of the desert. I think that it is really cool that a Enderdragon will enter EmpireMinecraft if it goes to beta 1.9 :).
  2. yea but if you go to the END you dont come back
  3. You actually can but it takes time :)
  4. I played 1.9 version 4 and never found 'The End.' But the thing is all explored land that was explored in 1.8 there is an annomally between the 1.8 world and the 1.9 newly generated land. With obscure and almost inpassable landscapes. I never found anything like this description and I went A LONG way from the last known explored point in 1.8.1
  5. there is only 1 way out of the end and that is to die

    also there won't be a beta 1.9 there won't be anymore releases till mincraft 1.0
  6. There are actually different views on what the actual way is now to leave it. Originally it was that you had to die, but I've now also heard it will be on an island of sorts, and you'll be able to jump off into the void and come back to a real world.
  7. Also, originally he was going to have multiple dragons, but apparently there is only one now? And it will be extremely hard to kill, and dives at things while breaking blocks around it. I personally am hoping it will be some kind of boss fight where you have to get him to charge into something he cant break (obsidian?) and teleport away with an enderpearl. I think that would be awesome
    Also, an idea: we could pay 25k or something to get to spawn an enderdragon on our property as a pet.
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  8. LOL with the pet :D
  9. i agree with the pet i want one of those
  10. haha... that would be so cool... i would name him endy... or something else stupid..
  11. I would name him Fark. Why: Fark! You destroyed my house! Fark!Fark! You destroyed my crops.FARK! You destroyed other peoples property!!!! Fark! You got me banned!
  12. Haha.. you would have to keep him in a cage... made of obsidian. This would cost way more than the dragon. And you would never see it. So maybe i should just make a giant box and tell people that its in there.
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  13. Schrodinger's Dragon. :p
  14. Exactly!
  15. i personally think dragonie sounds best or chompers lol
  16. Lolz put some TNT in there that has a 50/50 chance to explode. YAY Schrodinger's Dragon!
  17. Imma create the Dragon Slayers Crew >:3
  18. Better not kill my dragon, he eats.. cows for breakfast... and minecrafters for lunch. He doesn't get supper unless hes a good boy
  19. Give him a name tag :p