Ender, Minecart, Ender in a Minecart!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jamesg003, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Is this bad?

  2. This is regular. Enderman in minecarts can be used in a snow golem farm :)
  3. Yeah, but its kinda creepy :p
  4. Enderman in minecarts are tamed. You got a little pet :D
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  5. Enderpet, horray! Wait, scratch that, Pro killed it.
    R.I.P. TyTy the Enderman
  6. Do you think you could get the dragon in a mine cart? :D
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  7. Too fat. You need a HUGE minecart :p

    Or have 9 stacks of mineecarts bunched up and he'll be stuck in em ;)
  8. That would be cool :cool:
  9. Hey, he was annoying me. He wuz scaaaarrrryyyy.
  10. If you think dying a few million times trying to get that enderdragon in there is fun, good luck I guess. :confused:
  11. i found a glitch ware i can cram 30 villagers into one cart
  12. That glitch doesnt exsist. Show me the pic!
  13. were was pic taken?
  14. End Grinder.... In some server....
  15. I lol'd here :p