Ender DragonS in town ?!?!?!?

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Free roaming Ender dragons in town ?!?!?!?!

April fools 13 vote(s) 92.9%
glitch that we need fixed BADLY 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. Ok if this is april fools joke NOT FUNNY guys, THREE ender dragons spawned on my friends res in smp7 ( Pandaseatramen to check it out unless he repaired the damage) Ender dragons were spawnung lava everywhere and burned up his animal pen, and killed all the animals. Aikars 3rd res was also attacked and it has a HUGE hole in it now -_-. hopefully this can be fixed before MORE resedences get destroyed by ender dragons. and ifg it WAS an april fools NOT FUNNY A-_-
    (and yeah i am about to log on so dont tell me to log and see if it was april fools )
  2. never mind just read the post on the main page . yall are SO FUNNY look i am laughing my head off -_-
  3. Thank you for caring Spenser. :D
  4. the res destruction costed me like 15k rupees... :( I was using Eff3 and Eff4 enchanted pickaxes :/
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  5. I feel so sorry for you Aikar.
  6. I only spent about 1600r on the items I was throwing to people. If you're living in the wild, it's not like you can spend rupees out there anyway.
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