Ender Chests?

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  1. Here's the link:http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Ender_Chest
    What will happen when this part of the update arrives? Will this mean anyone on that particular server be able to have access? Because How would it work in multiplayer? Does a Ender Chest from town work in the wilderness, nether, the End or vice versa?

    WOW so many questions....
  2. It works in all worlds and everyone will be able to access it. I had this idea that we could use them as a mail like system on smp7 and maybe some other servers. Everyone would just reserve a time or spot in the chest and they would place there stuff in it. If it is not there when they come to collect it it was there own fault as it is at there own risk.
  3. True but it would be great for extraction. For example putting heaps of cobble or dirt and leaving an "everyone" access so they can take what ever. Or food transport!
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  4. It would be good. Maybe it can be a server sharing chest. So you can put anything unused except rotten flesh etc. into it and someone else can take it. Or they will just be disabled.
  5. It can be modified to be player specific. A simple few lines of code can make it so that each player has access to an unique inventory. Or one line so that each player can only use ones that they made or were given access to. Not sure what ICC or Justin will do however.