Ender Chest Locks ... Bug or Not?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Balmung666, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Is it a bug that i can't lock ender chests yet of is it not added to the lock system?
  2. You dont need to lock an enderchest, and it is not incorporated into chest system.
  3. Not added and doesn't to be added for town but the wild does need it but maybe a new one:
    [NO BREAK] or something anyone can open but not break it
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  4. I seem to remember that they intended to add it to the lock system though - looks like they never got round to it.
  5. Last I heard they hadn't been added.
    But why do you feel a need to lock one?
  6. Enderchests are personal. It would be a waste to lock one.
  7. well i was thinking that the lock would keep it from being broke
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  8. In town no need in wild to stop breaking
  9. If it's left lying around, yeah.
  10. well i was planning a small wild base for gathering resources
  11. Then I wish you luck with it,
    and remember, the further you are away from wild outpost the better.
  12. i know i need my locks though
  13. The only locks that we have at the moment are locked chests.
    Locked ender chests don't seem to be on the horizon very soon.
  14. if a pole was put up on the matter and enough player voted do you think they will notice and work on it and give it more priority over
  15. Maybe, but don't count on it.