end portal

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  1. does anyone know were it is
  2. I'm sure a lot of people do. I'm also sure that it's in different places on different servers, so you'll have to specify on which server you'd like to know about its position.
  3. Someone MESSAGE me the coordinates of the en portal on smp1.
  4. i no were it is in smp 1 3 4 5 7 8 9 and utopir
  5. Can you pls message me it on SMP4
  6. Ik the one of Smp8.
  7. i know where it is for smp1
  8. wait i know the rough estimated area, i havent been there for a while :confused:
  9. Whare?
  10. I now the smp5...
  11. guys noone will give u cords we're trying to STOP greifing not start it.
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  12. o,o... You could read that? ...What does it say?
  13. Something about a sade and a home.
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  14. A sade? Btw, I know where a bunch of portals are but I don't divulge the locations because of the conditions that the strongholds and to prevent the portals from being further griefed..
  15. Yeah. Ahzrael, a bunch of others and I went off to find the smp2 stroghold. It was pretty badly griefed when we got there.
  16. You should see the one I fell into on SMP6.. xD ..Most of whats left are the silverfish blocks.. xD
  17. Haha, when we got there someone said to hit the stone with a sword. I, knowing what he meant, immediately started silverfish hunting, while some of the others thought, "Oh! Free stone brick! :D" and were taken by surprise when the little demons exposed themselves.
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  18. I didn't know that other silverfish will join in if one is crying out for blood.. xD I got swarmed and almost died..