End Portal scavenger hunt!

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Would anyone be intrested in more scavenger hunts on server #4?

Yes 2 vote(s) 66.7%
No 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. I have found a End Portal on server #4, but I am not telling where it is! I want you to find it. Under the stairs leading to the portal I have left a small fortune in a little chest. I also left a sign in the chest. Make a sreen shot of your newly locked chest, and then I will post the coordinates so everyone else can make there way to the end. Good Luck!


    North of the spawn point past the great bridge, one will find two griefed homes. Going non-easterly past the fishing hole, in the dense forest there will be three naked trees guarding a hut. Following the hut's hole you will find the abandon stronghold near to that spot there will be the portal.
  2. i found strong hold on server 4 but must be roung 1 no chest around it
  3. I just made the chest with treasure. Also, there should be a sign in the portal room that has my alias on it.
  4. awww i already jumped in lol
  5. Also, I almost forgot. I was not the first person to find the portal, and I do not know who they are. So this might be a timed scavenger hunt.
  6. I followed your clues but i really couldn't find it, do you have a clearer description or another clue?
  7. if its same 1 as i went to its actuly east not north
  8. 2012-04-18_17.30.29.png

    No, I do not want to make the clues any clearer for the scavenger hunt, but I will give you an image of one of the griefed houses.
  9. The Treasurer has been found! Congratulations to who ever found it. The End Portal is at location -460,-618.