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  1. I'm on smp3 and I found an end portal. Well I went in and I have no idea how to get out. Can someone help me please? I read that there is a dragon to kill but there is non in sight. Thank you.
  2. Look for a bedrock portal thingy to get out. Also servers only have 1 dragon per world but EMC stopped having dragons in the end due to drama over the egg.
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  3. will it be underground or on top?
  4. The bedrock portal is on the surface of the end. Just look around the surface and you will probably find it.
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  5. On top. Should look like this:

    Without the egg, of course.
  6. its hopeless. i fell like someone covered it up. I'm stuck here forever.
  7. can a mod help me please... there is no portal.. its been covered ore mined or something.... i even tried killing myself... im still stuck here.
  8. Try looking more
  9. So what if the dragons never respawn... and someone wanted to be a jerk... they could go to all the end game portals and bury the exits... that way no one can ever get out..... that may be the case here.
  10. That might be the case but there has to be at least one gate out of there....
  11. You cannot break the bedrock thing, it is just as bedrock unbreakable.
  12. 500r to who ever finds me and the exit.. i wish a mod would just tp there and look for themselves. ive wasted a few hours so far. What if someone covered it up with end stone... How would you find the exit?. the whole map is endstone. i have circled the map a billion times. Can I get a Mod to come look and see if the exit exists? If they took out dragons did they put a perm exit in?
  13. I'm here in smp3. let me know when you arrive. We can be stuck here together.
  14. Im here in the end already.
  15. We need to contact a mod, there are 3 people in the wild trapped now...
  16. 3 of us are stuck now lol
  17. The end exit portal cannot be destroyed as it is made of bedrock if it was buried it can be found
    If I were you I would mine a bunch of Endstone and own some endermen ( really easy if done right) :)
  18. Nonononono johnny was saying the thruth and just the thruth, the portal is not here!
  19. Hmmmm
    Then we have a problem
    The only way it could have been destroyed is through hacks
    This means that a mod is gonna have to make a new exit (obviously )
    You could Pm a mod I guess if it hasn't been done already
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