End city bug?

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  1. In waste end, I found an end city and I went to a wall behind the treasure room, broke it open, took the loot and left

    In frontier waste, I found an end city and I went to a wall behind treasure room and then see chest gets blown up by shulkers.

    Is this a bug?
    If so please fix.
  2. Also witnessed this
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  3. FTFY (fixed that for you)

    I've actually noticed this as well. I don't think that the shulkers are the ones breaking the chests, because they aren't capable of doing so. I think its just a world generation bug
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  4. Well makes it easy to loot now XD
  5. I was at the frontier end again, the chest don't seem to be scattering. Guess they fixed the problem! #chickeneer is amazing
  6. Just ran into this and the problem seems to be the mob. It was placed just above the chests and when it opens, it breaks the chest spilling all the items.
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  7. This isn't a emc bug it's a 1.9 bug, when the chests spawn for some reason it breaks when the chunk is loaded and then the items are dropped on the ground and left their until they des pawn. If you go in single player and fly around you will see it happen, it's not like a super common bug but it does happen every now and then.