Encourage use of residence chat channel?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by LindenNZ, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. I'm wondering if more can be done to encourage less experienced players to move their conversations to their residence channel when that would be more appropriate? It gets a bit annoying when the town channel is filled up with a conversation about what players are doing on one specific residence and they're posting a lot or just talking randomly. Sometimes one player will have switched to the residence chat channel but the other is still in town chat.

    A few times I have let players know about the option but they haven't taken the hint at all. I don't mind trying to tell them directly, but they are far more likely to get the message (and the community are more likely to normalise it more widely) if staff encourage it.
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  2. I agree it can be annoying... however, I like the added chat. It's been quiet for a few days...
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  3. I rather use Local chat since I go to multiple reses while talking to someone...
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  4. I would disagree. Yes, sometimes it gets overwhelming, but you can always hide town chat for a while then. Also, I have seen staff already takes actions by encouraging people to switch on residence chat when it's necessary.
    Town chat for a lot of time actually seems pretty dead, as many people already are on either group chat/local/pm/residence and for a newcomer quiet on a chat might be interpreted like a non active server where people do not talk. Just my thoughts :)
  5. +1. It can get annoying sometimes. Yes there is /c hide but sometimes I don't want to hide the whole channel. Even /msg [playername] could be better.