[ENCHANTS] 14362 Enchantment Shop

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  1. Hey guys.
    Magic/Awesome here.
    I am now playing EMC for fun, really not doing anything, no supportership, no auctions (Occasionaly one maybe) And no wool farm, no service no nothing. The only thing will be a small enchant shop with some random minerals and Misc. I am joining the Army, and want to play EMC for fun, just to RELAX, not get stressed about doing anything. The Enchant shop will be at 14362. Drop by in a few weeks, when it opens, and look around. It might not be fully in stock as I might be training in the Army. So please be patient. Thanks guys, hope you understand.

    EDIT: I might actualy still do the things, like the wool farm and service Etc. But im not promising anything. I will notify if I have done it, completed it, and note how log it will be running for etc.
  2. you got it!
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  3. Moved and re-titled your thread. Let me know if you want it changed though. :)
  4. This technically isnt actually an enchant shop thread XD, just letting people know I wont be doing much on EMC, just playing for fun. But whatever thread it should be moved in, move it XD if you want
  5. I know, but I felt this location and title would be a little more suited for y'ah. :)
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  6. Oh, ok :D Whatever works mate :p as long as people know XD
  7. Congrats I getting into Army!
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  8. Thanks :D