Enchantment Store is opening soon on smp3 at /v +books

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  1. Malfoypotter here!

    Enchantment store is going to be opening in October.
    It is going to be probably the cheapest in whole emc!
    Grand opening: October 2nd 2015

    Just remember at /v +books or /v 6562 or /v Malfoypotter
  2. Sorry, but I believe this is in the wrong section...
    That would be Products, Buisnesses and Services.

    And along with that, could you possibly inform me on the price of an Unbreaking III book?
  3. Yeah wrong section.
  4. Awesome! I could use more enchanted books.. :)
  5. You need to check prices at SMP4 Gweeedz and beat them if you want the lowest prices.
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  6. Awesome! Us players need books!
  7. Guys I'm sorry I put it in auctions! Also it may not open the date I said so if you would just pop by
    And donate a book, the chance increases of opening