Enchantment Shop smp7, 14192 (Opening Soon!)

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  1. I am planning on opening my enchantment shop within a month or so with some help of Cube151 and Mossiknighs. I will be selling all enchantments including most enchanted books. My current goal is to add a shop that sells everything that is attached to the enchantment shop.
    Plz come and check out the perimeter and comment on it if you wish :)
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  2. Yay, can not wait till you are open for business. I am still offering my services as supplier :), cause you won't have contend with me!
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  3. Well if you have any enchanted books, i would like to purchase some :)
  4. Here:p
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  5. I wish you the best of luck as i have found from experience that operating and enchantment shop takes up a lot of time.
    One tip i would give you is to make sure you have a steady supply of diamonds as you'll find you will get a lot of enchantments that are near worthless and therefore will cost you for the materials used (diamond chest plates are a killer)

    But still i wish you the best of luck

  6. Thanks a bunch :)
  7. Due to disappointing actions by a player using enderpearls to break in and buying all the enchanted pickaxes the shop won't be opening for an extra month or two. :(
  8. Shouldnt you be happy that someone bought everything? :eek: Unless it was too cheap..
  9. I was closed to stock everything, now i have to wait longer to stock them again
  10. Ah.. Well good luck with your shop and stocking :D