[ ENCHANTMENT SHOP ] Opening of 1330!

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  1. Heyo EMCers! After a day of hard and enduring work, and the help of Faithcaster, we have made the very first tri-enchantment shop! ( Three different sections, three different owners ) :)

    Everything is set up and ready to go, but we just need to fill up the enchants! My portion is filled, but the other owners portions are not, but you are welcome to visit the enchantment shop ANYTIME! =)

    I will be taking orders, but I don't know about the other owners of the enchantment shop, here is my order form:
    Name :
    Enchantments :
    Home Server :

    Only one order every 24 hours, and this is up to YOU to keep track of the 24 hour limit, not I, but I will have the trust in you when you ask for a second order. Only one item per order every 24 hours.

    Orders may take up to 2 days, if I get the wrong enchantment over and over again, but, could be the first one I enchant.


    We will be selling all enchants, armour, bows, swords, pickaxes, axes, spades, shears and books!

    So, come on down as soon as ya can! Enchants are going hot! =)
  2. I will not be taking orders with the enchantment V in it. :)
  3. Mr.Pig do you do enchanted books orders and if so I would like Flame I please. We can discuss price in-game if needed. :)
  4. I can get on now and I happen to have one in stock!
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  5. Awesome give me a minute to get on.
  6. I am one of the other owners, i will take orders in the same format :)
  7. I need 2 unbreaking 3 books please. I can pay 1k for each. If you have an offer pm me!
  8. Whoever can get to the orders first, take them! :)
  9. Can i please order 5 Unbreak IV Books And 5 Eff IV Books, i want them in a few days... maybe a week.
  10. Not to be rude, but can you guys read? Read my entire post.
  11. I posted my order so when u finish the first one u can give me mines
  12. What about god armor :p
  13. How much for Enchanted Books?