Enchantment shop coming to smp4

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  1. Hello every1 I'm here to tell you that I will be opening an enchantment shop on smp4

    I will be selling books and items them selfs enchanted

    The res is 8402

    I'm only done with one wall hopefully it will be open and up to speed in 2 weeks

    I will post some pics later on

    For books I will only have swords and armor NO others will be as books
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  2. Awesome, cant wait to check it out ;)
  3. Awesome, we don't really have much in the way of shops at the moment... Hopefully this will be the start of a change! :D
  4. Thx all for all the nice posts I will do my best to get pics today
  5. here are the pics of how it looks so far

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  6. I have just opened the shop it has a few items but I add everyday