Enchantment questions.

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  1. So, I've been gathering XP and bows to make a very powerful, single bow, and I'm in the final stretch now that I have the last piece needed for a merge. But when I did place them in the anvil to see how much I needed, it just said "Too Expensive". Does this mean it just won't happen, or that I need more XP?
  2. It means that the anvil cant put the 2 items together, and would require too much XP
  3. Try switching the places of the 2 bows, that may work.
  4. ^ Yes, Sometimes this does work. But if not. It cannot be done.
  5. The maximum number of levels you can spend with an anvil is 40 so, if the cost of what you are trying to combine is over that, it will say "Too Expensive".

    I've noticed that the more attributes an item has, the more expensive it is to repair, especially if any of the attributes are rare. I've gotten some items I can't even repair once after I've used them a little bit.

    Maybe you could do your bow with fewer attributes by combining it with one or more lesser bows or you could use enchanted books to get exactly what you want.
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  6. Well, I just had to make another bow that luckily had the enchantment I would've been missing. Its bordering the expensive limit.