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  1. Does anyone have a free enchantment room in town on any smp? I would like to borrow it to level up mine got griefed and I need to enchant some stuff. Let me know please.
  2. Res 911 smp1
  3. You can use mine :)
    SMP1 - 2132
  4. their it is set up for you :)
  5. alexchance smp2 4005! good luck!;)
  6. I Had an enchantment table until it got griefed
  7. I enchanted it, went to the nether, slected it and pressed q next to some lava fun. Did i mention it was a diamond one and it had fortune?
  8. I've thrown away so many items because my fat fingers accidently hitting Q. I've now remapped throw to the # key, no more silly accidents (well ones that involve throwing stuff)
  9. Go ahead and go to the nether and go hug some ghasts. I saw someone do it though they never got to tell me how it felt..............
  10. Wow info spreads so fast
  11. Welcome to the World Wide Internet Era.