Enchanting tips - how to get what you want

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  1. So I want to make a silk touch pickaxe.

    When playing singleplayer, I'd just make a backup of the save file and keep trying til I got one. But here on the server (my first one - love it), I'm afraid I'll use up my hard-earned XP on an unbreaking axe or something. It's silk touch or nothing for me! (well, fortune good too)

    So, is there a similar way to save backups of my world on EmpireMC, then replace them if I waste XP on a silly enchantment or die and lose my silk touch pickaxe?

    Or, how can I ensure I get the enchantment I want?

    Thanks for all tips!!
  2. It is sheer luck I am afraid, there are websites which show the translation for the enchantment table, but these are irrelevant to the actual enchantment you will get. The higher the level you are enchanting with, the more chance you will have, but it's really just click and hope.
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  3. That is a type of cheating lol :p
    In singleplayer I don't use enchantment table. ;)
    I got wooden stick of Knockback LvL 500 :D Send mob flying.
  4. If you only need silk touch for a few blocks you can try enchanting gold shovels at low levels (level 6 has a 1.1% chance to get silk touch). Gold tools get better enchants than diamond tools and are a lot cheaper. Also silk touch works with any tool so use a shovels which is a third of the cost of a pick.
  5. Level 24 is apparently best for a diamond pick silk touch, but has like a 1/10 chance, I got my silk touch Eff IV at lvl 33, and a foortune I at 21. Id try for around 32 for silk touch, and if you dont get it, the enchant you get is probably really good anyways, and you could auction it. Then with the money you could buy a silk touch pick :D
  6. @nnnnmcl ok so I earned my silk touch single player underhand, I need my Redstone ore decorative blocks, dangit!

    I'll try the above mentioned tricks, do does everyone agree that a.gold pickaxe would have a higher chance of silk touch?
  7. you can always buy the "redstone decorative blocks" from someone that already has a silk touch pick... or better yet buy the pick of the market thread...

    chances are a POSSIBILITY... so there's no guarantee... as you may take 100 attempts at a gold pick, yoiou can prolly need only 5 on a diamond... its all bout probability

    lets go back to highschool and this time... get into the classroom kk?
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  8. I learned this in 7th grade AKA: This year ;)

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  9. Gold pick definitely have higher chance according to the 'enchantment' value what gold have 25 and diamond have 10. But still, it's all probability. You might get lucky getting silky first time enchanting. who know ;)
    In singleplayer I use NBEdit (not possible in any server other than your own.) to edit that stick 'tag' value
    To save-load yourself on server. Only admin can do that. copying "chhodgkins.dat" in "player" before you enchant and paste it back for revert (Which they will not do it here.) That's how my knockback 500 stick come :D
    Don't ever try using fortune 2500 on lapis ;) lol. it will probably screw up your computer. (I tried. And get 0 fps. the game change frame once every 5-6 seconds. D: )