Enchanting Table Editing

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Should Justin Guy make this update?

Yes 3 vote(s) 25.0%
No 9 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. Justin Guy i think u should make a update where enchanting tables r in english. Whenever i try to get silk touch i always get unbreaking 3 (iv gotten 3 already) so it would really help.If not u should make a buying system to get it in english for ex- type /buy enchant english- and then it would make it english for the next time u use a enchanting table. Please see what u can do

  2. Even if they were in english it wouldnt make sense, they do not make words pertaining to the enchantment, i think
  3. I think that there is all of what they mean in Minecraft Wiki.

  4. The words in the enchantmen table are pure random, there is NO way telling what you get from an enchant. This is a challenge to you. Getting Silk Touch is hard work. But what you get for it is pretty good. If you change that as you wanted the value of everything in contact with Silk Touch will drop dramtically. People will not buy Silk Touch Pickaxes anymore, Blocks which you get through Silk Touch will drop in price and people will not think of it as special anymore. So basically to go a little to far, you could remove Silk Touch then. Just my thoughts on it. :)
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  5. This will translate it to some words, but the words dont mean anything. You can get word a and it will be Silk Touch ones and unbreaking on another try.
  6. I will test it later but i think that those do give the correct enchantments!
  7. No it doesnt the algorithm is public. We know how the enchants are applied. It has no meaning not a bid.


    Unfortunately, the text that is shown on the buttons is entirely unrelated to the effect of the enchantment. The available levels and the actual effects are chosen using the same random number generator, but it seems the level numbers don't provide enough information to predict the enchantments.

    This guy completly got through all enchantment stuff. He even calculated local minimums if you try to get an enchantment from which level you should enchant.
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  8. Not only do the english words not mean anything, BUT it's also impossible for JustinGuy to make your enchantment table English(99% sure). It's a local thing. When you open an enchantment table and look at enchantments, it's simply reading YOUR 'alternate.png' file.

    If you want it in english, I'll tell you how(only because the english doesn't help). Open your start menu, type %appdata%\.minecraft\bin(real directory is %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\bin but in the start menu, you don't type Roaming). open minecraft.jar(with winrar or 7zip. don't just run it you actually have to view the files inside of it). go into your font folder. Delete "alternate.png", and make a copy of "default.png" in your font folder. Rename your copy of "default.png" to "alternate.png". Exit. Your enchantment table is now in English! Remember: the english words aren't helpful, this is sorta a just-for-fun thing.

    When you make a copy of default.png, you MIGHT have to paste it onto your desktop, rename it from your desktop, THEN re-insert it into your font folder!
  9. no matter what it is still impossible to know what you will get, it will still be random
  10. Those word are random. They don't mean anything

    I got silk after 5-6 try
  11. I have a mod that decodes them, it's really fun looking at all the random stuff that comes up. :)
  12. i'm pretty sure i've seen a client mod that allowed you to see the enchant you were getting, and I thought it had a server mod as well, i can't find it right now.

    the text is random as people say, and the actual enchant is chosen by the server after you select one of the options, ie. the options just represent a level and some mystical useless text.
  13. I found a mod that let you pick your enchantment, and i tried to use it on a wooden pick on EMC to test if it worked(if it did i'd ask justinguy about it cause i dont wanna get in trouble) but it took away your levels and it didn't give you your enchantment.
  14. There is a plug in fir this and i will add a link soon :) (thats if anyone wants to see it) just watch the video and it will explain eveything.

    I use it on my server because it really does work :D
  15. Squizzel_boy I would like to see that link it would help :D
  16. O yeah and if anyone wants to share their res # if your on smp2 u can :D
  17. but this plugin can only be used on your own server / single player. It is not on the acceptable mod list so using it will get you banned since you have a advantage with it. Just a reminder.
  18. The text is not random, if you convert the language to English you'll get stuff like "Ponies are Evil" or "Mental Cold Curse" and senseless phrases like that, however the text does not affect the enchanting itself, the enchanting level does. I can get either Silk Touch I or Efficiency III from the same text. In other words if you want a good enchantment, pick the highest level.
  19. The text is random. it has a list of words to use and then 2 or 3 words of that list will randomly picked translated to galactic alphabet and then displayed. If you really want to be that picky about random. If you would follow the link I postet click on back there is the list of what levels vould convert into some enchantments. But even with this you can not say for sure what you really get, besides that you know that if you get efficiency it will be rank 3...

    For all to lazy to click back: http://pernsteiner.org/minecraft/enchant/leveltables/
    You choose what you want to enchant, the level you are interested in and you receive the probabilities for what enchant you might get. Looking at the table you understand then that you cant predict it any more then those probabilities.

    (This is not special to you Spaskiba it is for all who are in doubts or dont understand how it works)
    Since oviously there still is alot of confusion here the link to the most professional enchanting guide there is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QZIhVFiwCA

    Please watch this before you claim something to know from now on and watch every second of the video. If you dont get the video because to much math, then you have to accept to trust in those who got it.
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