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  1. Hey guys,
    I have opened this thread so that you can see my stock in enchanted items,
    these items will be up for sale and will be updated regally to either remove brought items or new stock.
    If an item is in stock you can offer me a price in this format:
    Bare in mind i can reject offers if i see an offer that is extremely low.

    Here are the available Pickaxes:
    Fortune 3 Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking 3 Efficiency IV Fortune 3 X2
    Unbreaking 3 Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking 3 Efficiency IV Silktouch
    Fortune 2 Efficiency IV

    Here are the available Axes:
    Unbreaking 2 Efficiency 2 Silk touch
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  2. can u get me a silk touch pick plez.
    my other one font what it would be like to all down a big hole in wild and never to be found until it as to late

    EDIT: ill pay about 500-1k if it has other enchants on it pm me if u have one in stock plez
  3. i will try
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