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  1. Closed for orders. We are setting up for 1.3 becuse of the big Enchant Change :) sorry if you didnit get your order. Try 3300 or 3456 for enchanted Picks
  2. can you get me Eff V Unb III please?
  3. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Efficiency IV Unbreaking III
    Status : Completed
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  4. Okay. :)
  5. hello faith! i need a silktouch 1 only silk pls :p thanks!
  6. Nitroblitz2201
    Silk Touch I
    Status : Completed
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  7. Not for me haha :D
  8. Why not for you, already have one?
  9. I have more then one, but that is not what i meant. I meant average waiting time for silk touch is a month for me, not 5 hours. :D (You know to enchant one).
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  10. Item : Diamond Armor
    Enchant : All Protection IV
    Item: Diamond Pick
    Enchant:Silk Touch I,Eff V
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  11. and guys can we keep it to a one enchant per order? nobodies done it yet so heres a post so they don't have to
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  12. ill have some of that armor, illl enchant the rest :)
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  13. Item : Pickaxe
    Enchant : Eff 5, unbreaking 3
  14. bob ur order is ready go to smp2 to pick up and pay
  15. that will cost 4000r :)
  16. Gabe627
    Diamond Helm Proctection IV Diamond Chest Protection IV Diamond Leggins Protections IV Diamond Boots Proctection IV
    Status : Completed
  17. BobTheTomato9798
    Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency V Unbreaking III
    Status : Completed
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  18. i have 1 part of the armour ready so far
  19. Gabe627
    Diamond Pickaxe Silk Touch I Effieciency V
    Status : Cancelled
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  20. i said one enchant per order plz, the armour is 50% done
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